Friday, May 17, 2024

{scope} - Nightcap [Kohlhaas 030 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the Italian Kohlhaas imprint on May 24th, 2k24 is "Nightcap", the sophomore album release by {scope}, a trio comprised of Laura Agnusdei, Matteo Pennesi and Luca Sguera which basically spawned due to a shared artist in residency experience back in 2k20 and also recorded their recent longplayer in a similar setting. Over the course of ten brand new compositions and a total duration of approx. 31 minutes the triplet employs classical instruments as well as kazoo, granular synthesis, processing, panic attacks - sic! - and further musical madness to arrive at a point of creative freedom which allows them to set free of all musical conventions and yet move somewhere along the lines of Free Improv and Avantgarde Jazz with a will to experiment which allows for an amalgamation of classic sax melodies and raw, somewhat primordial or in parts highly detailed percussions, bleepy remnants of electronic synthesis, in parts even harking back to earliest experiments in this field - see "No Flips In My Gin Fizz" for that which might our personal favorite due to its playful explorative attitude - whereas bits like "Coffee Break" provide beautiful, almost Post-PostRock-infused minimalisms and enchanted atmospheres, "Agar Agar" even seems to dabble with Future Tribal influences in parts whereas the final skit "Gently Swimming In Your Natumo" introduces some epic Synth stabs for a closing. Quite an interesting and diverse album, this.


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