Sunday, May 12, 2024

Califano Tino Marzano - What's New? [Aut Records 106]

Released via the Italian Jazz x Improv and way beyond staple that is Aut Records on March 13th, 2k24 is "What's New?", the latest album conceived by a trio of musicians consisting of Federico Califano, Francesco Tino and Alessandro Marzano on alto sax, bass and drums respectively. Over the course of six pieces and a total duration of approx. 35 minutes the trio presents its take on five so-called Jazz standards by Haggart, Coltrane and other greats most likely well familiar to initiated genre aficonados alongside one original composition by Federico Califano named "Dear Fonzo" for a closing tune, providing a highly detailed, yet energetic and in parts even furious musical approach for an opening whilst drifting into lovely night romanticisms with J. Kern's "The Folks Who Live On The Hill" before Coltrane's "Naima" pairs longing, sustained melodies with rumbling, thundering drums, "If I Should Lose You" gets advanced dancefloors going with its uptempo energy, complex sax parts and muscular drums whereas Federico Califano's original cut waves goodbye on a dreamy, almost romantic and melancholia-inducing Jazz tip for those in the know. If this sounds like an album well balancing tradition and contemporary interpretation in Jazz this one might be up your alley for a reason.

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