Thursday, May 30, 2024

Zark - 10 [Zarkon Records 010 Promo]

Another fresh single put out on the circuit via the seemingly artist run Zarkon Records label on March 5th, 2k24 is "10", obviously the tenth subsequent digital two tracker released by Zark. Following a stringent naming policy the opening tune that is "10.1" brings forth a quite unusual, yet fascinating Romantic House / Electro fusion sporting tender floating, ever evolving synth melancholia for lovers and those to be dancing their days away in early summer open air settings whilst "10.2", the second cut on here, caters more of an opposite vibe with its raw, hypnotic and ever pumping HardHouse / WildPitch attitude, slightly shuffled grooves, dark male vocal samples and driving claps which make this tune our favorite cut on this one by a mile or two.


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