Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Computer 4000 - Computer 4000 [Gastric Acid 034 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via the Australian Gastric Acid imprint on April 18th, 2k24 is "Computer 4000", the self-titled debut EP by the project of the same name which serves a menu of six tracks named "Untitled 120", "Untitled 125", "Untitled 127", "Untitled 135", "Untitled 122" and "Untitled 124" in exactly this non-sequential order, catering a musical ark spanning from slow, slightly tribal x latino-infused House vibes garnished with subdued Acid lines to raw underground jam cuts emulating classic Oldskool HardHouse vibes from the early 90s, heavy synth-bass driven groove affairs which surprisingly slow down to almost zero before coming to a close, elastic Minimal Techno with a playful and friendly (Neo)Trance-infused attitude, curious Modular Ambient cascades as well as intense sub-heavy Phonk minimalisms reminiscent of all time favorites released on labels like Hollis Haus and therefore positively stick out in today's environment of quickly disposable tracks and releases for a reason or two. Interesting stuff.


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