Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Jon Rose - Aeolian Tendency [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the ever expanding Australian imprint that is Room40 is "Aeolian Tendency", the latest rather conceptual album conceived by composer and inventor of many unique instruments Jon Rose who's been active in this specific field for 45+ years now. With "Aeolian Tendency" Rose presents a set of four direct live recordings of his instruments exposed to Australian winds - three of the Monolith 2023 and one of the Tube 2022 - rolled out over the course of rougly 39 minutes and recorded via means of so-called contact microphones. The results of these recordings tonally vary from the hovering, ever shifting and somewhat electrical Ambient tonalities of "First Tendency: The Monolith recorded 10.11.2022" to the somewhat more subtle, yet also bleak and brooding drones of "Second Tendency: The Monolith recorded 13.1.2023" which, vibewise, would probably provide a suitable backdrop to the Field x Telecommunications Recordings inherent to early works by Robin Rimbaud a.k.a. Scanner whereas the calm pulses of "Third Tendency: The Tube recorded 15.1.2022" cater an almost scientific retrofuturist quality transforming into tender brittle and certainly slowly waning Ambient tones before "Fourth Tendency: The Monolith recorded 2.11.2022", the most 'agitated' amongst these four recordings, brings forward constantly shifting and intertwining frequencies of a subdued, yet innately highly dynamic nature for a closing. A lovely take on conceptual experimentalism, this.


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