Friday, July 05, 2024

Peder Simonsen & Jo David Meyer Lysne - Spektralmaskin [Sofa Music]

Put out on the circuit via the infamous Norwegian Sofa Music label on May 31st, 2k24 is "Spektralmaskin", the new, 34 minutes spanning three part album crafted and conceived by Peder Simonsen and Jo David Meyer Lysne who are following their experimental instincts, pairing experimental slow motion e-bow techniques, the sound of microtonal tuba, modular synthesis, sine waves, guitars, vibrating speakers and more unaltered real life instruments to form a distinct sonic landscape which, in the case of the opening piece "I" unfolds in the form of beautiful, slowly evolving and almost rural Ambient meadows moving towards layers of harmonic melancholia and all embracing low frequency movements emerging after roughly two thirds of the compositions total playtime. Furthermore we see "II" embarking on a journey into the lands of slightly off-harmonic nocturnal DarkAmbient backed by bass drone pulses and sustained, ghostly, longing, weeping and yearning tonal movements seamlessly blending into the subsequent composition that is "III" which provides a calm, almost solemn and all embracing Ambient closure for an album that's about to end up in many a genre collectors racks and needs to be heard at least once by fans and followers of contemporary Deep Listening Music - and probably by fans of the Cologne-based school of so-called Pop Ambient as well. File under: Beautiful music.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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