Monday, July 04, 2005

Supralinear music

There's news from the Force Inc./Mille Plateaux stable, which has been silent for quite a while after the breakdown of EFA Medien. A few of the former staff joined forces to launch the new imprint Supralinear, exploring fields of experimental electronic music as well as more dancefloor forcing but still different and not necessarily ultra-functional 4-2-the-floor workouts.

SL002 is a CD album called "Unheard Treats" by Dawid Szczesny. This young artist from Poland uses piano tones as source material, arranges them in a quite moody, ambientish and relaxing way and adds a few layers of small crackling noises on top like the ones taken from a quite old and worn out vinyl record. Due to this the whole album sounds very warm and the cover text does mention that some people refer to it as film music, which is a good description indeed although there is a few irritating skips breaking up that relaxing athmosphere. Those being familiar with the musical works of Oval will recognize parallels here.

SL003 is a 2xLP as well as CD-available album from the studio of Alka_Rex entitled "Shapes To Phases". This duo sets things straight on the dancefloor with a nice mixture of Minimalism, Intelligent/Armchair Techno, Dubtechno influences and a few short excellent Ambient/Listening/Chill interludes. Sounds - especially the high frequencies - are very precisely processed and sound very digital throughout the ever evolving, slightly shapeshifting tracks, but the grooves and basslines have a quite organic feel. DJ-wise "Shapes To Phases" is perfectly matching with Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia's "Record Of Breaks" which is - released in 1995 - still a masterpiece and one of my personal reference points when it comes to MinimalTechno and associated genres.
Both records are highly recommended and set a high quality standard for things to come on Supralinear in the future.

For those interested in purchasing copies of this releases here is - once again - a link to Hamburg's Otaku Records.


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