Monday, August 01, 2005

Longplay love

Well, being a vinyl addict and record collector for more than ten years there's not much to praise about CD's at all. Although there's a near to four digit number of CD albums/CDM's in my collection these days I'd always prefer vinyl when I purchase music, but receiving loads of promotional stuff from various labels my collection still keeps growing this way which is actually great, coze there's one little benefit that vinyl discs cannot provide. It's nice to work, have a chat on the phone or hang out with friends with a bit of background music and not being bothered to turn around the 12" for another song or dig in the crates for the next record to be played every other minute. Due to this there'll be a new column here, dedicated to the silver 5" format.

Canada's DJ DS-1 of Furious Records-fame has released an official Mix-CD named "Signal To Noise" lately which can be purchased in Germany only at Otaku Records at the moment. A nice album for those who love classic Drum'n'Bass featuring 23 tracks by Concord Dawn, Pendulum, Capone, J Majik plus a whole lot of exclusive or unsigned tunes from DS-1 himself and the Furious Records-stable. BigUp!

If you are a calm geezer enjoying Ibiza sunsets as well as Cafe Del Mar-compilations you are most likely to be into "Terra Del Sol - Selection Three" as well which is to be released on Hamburg's Chillball Music soon. Alberto Hauss, masterminding this project, created a harmonic 70+ minutes journey into the world of Ambient Downbeat & Chillout House which is perfect background and/or bar music. Big strings & pianos everywhere but a selection of nine or ten tracks would have been enough of ambience as there are a few fill-ins to be found which are a bit too cheesy and mellow. But - if you're parents and have a crying baby child just put this on and be sure the your wee offspring is to fade away into the land of dreams quite soon.


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