Sunday, July 31, 2005

Bootleg bitch v1.0

Purchased two nice Drum'n'Bass bootlegs recently although I don't like most of them booties these days. Big exception made 'ere...

T-Spark reworks Tweet's DigiSoul Uberhit "Oops! Oh My" which I loved from the very beginning when I received that tune on promo on his latest release over a quite familiar sounding Bristol roller. Guess this is something from the early Roni Size/Reprazent-stable but as I ain't good at remembering track names in detail I can't prove anyway. On the flip there's a male R'n'B/Soul-vox put on a JumpUp-classic - this fusion is called "Used To Love U" and a bit cheesy but functional. For chrissake - JumpUp is cheesy anyway.
For all the bootleggers out there there's an additional Acapella of both tracks. Nice one.

"Woo Ha / Bombaclart" [Shizzle 001] has Busta Rhymes spitting is classic lyrics on a JumpUp-tip as well and - this why I put that record in my crates - Elephant Man swearing on top of a dark Jungle stepper with a baaad, eeevil bassline tearing up the place. This is pure darkness - massive & 'orrible. Can't wait to play this out loud...


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