Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 17

Pharmacom Records comes up with it's 13th release these days - a 6 tracker Manfred Reckers a.k.a. eVADE named "Retrospective". A well-fitting title as all tracks could be filed under RetroElectronica. Ambientish athmospheric downtempo music for those who have been following early SpaceNight-sessions regularly. Solid, nice and chilly indeed, but a bit oldfashioned - it just ain't 1995 anymore so I ain't that impressed as I would've been a decade ago.

Traffic Signs also comes up with another occasional record, number 05 since the label was founded by one of Germany's main minimal players back in 2003. Both tracks - "Effective" and "Been In Glue" - are top notch material for primetime dancefloors: dry, chicago'esque, jackin' stuff fueled with a maximum of energy. Especially "Effective" is a damn catchy one featuring a thrilling hightech hook tickling one's eardrums while "Been In Glue" seems to be on a hypnotic 1991's Tekno tip and perfectly matches with Tricky Discos legendary "House Fly".

Robert Babicz, better known to many under his Rob Acid-moniker, is responsible for cat.no. 008 of Audiomatique Recordings, which is - who'd have been expecting something else - dedicated to the sound of Acid or, even better, AcidGrunge as some people would name it as "Prism" as well as "Rock" are quite slow, psychedelic, very rough and analogue soundwise and at the same time phonky as hell. That kind of tracks that can't be played out in each and every set due to their very special character, but if picked out of your box and banging through a good club system they're able to add some magic minutes to a night on the dancefloor. On the flipside Robag Wruhme alongside the infamous Wighnomy Brothers reworks "Prism" and delivers a straighter, still slightly acidic but more minimal remix.

Scheduled for early december is Phonique's new 12" on Dessous Recordings which reaches cat.no. 058 by date of release. Three tracks to be found here - "Lizard" as the E.P.'s title track on A1 is a charming fusion of deep House grooves and techy minimal sounds. Watchout for the excellent breakdown which adds a whole new quality to the track throughout the second half via addition of a cool hooting bassline sound, while "Hermes" as well as "The Good Track" deal with some classic, uplifting chords and structures that seemed to be lost throughout the last years. Due to this they bring back the good old days of House music, a warm and comfortable feel for all those who have been around since long and still can relate to the classic values of this specific genre.


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