Friday, January 13, 2006

Longplay love 11.0

NYC-based Broklyn Beats have been putting out their 23rd release recently named "Disco Rallado mixed by Criterion", which is a furious journey through the labels back catalogue. Although I'd prefer the term "selected" instead of "mixed" as many Broklyn Beats-tunes are highly advanced and hardly mixable and Criterion chooses the way of cut-mixing more often than beatmatching tunes on this disc, the selection of tunes and artists is a good overview on what Broklyn Beats is/are about. 18 tracks featured here provided by the likes of 1-Speed-Bike, Les Trolls, Criterion, Jason Forrest, DJ /Rupture and others explore the fields or Breakcore, Weird Electronics, Experimental Postrock and Abstract Beats - most of them tracks hardly based on harmonic structures, so this is for advanced consumers only.

March 3rd sees the release of "Skyshaper" on Synthetic Symphony / SPV which is the sixth album of the Helsingborg/Sweden-based band Covenant. Originally founded as Covenant in 1992 - although the trio of Eskil Simonsson, Joakim Montelius and Clas Nachmanson have been making music together under various aliases since 1986 - the band caught attention of the EBM / Wave / Industrial / Dark Electro-scene since the release of their track "The Replicant" on "Autumn Leaves", the third sampler released on the swedish independent label Memento Materia. Musicwise "Skyshaper" clearly targets the dancefloor as the majority of the album tracks introduce dark 4/4-beats that are either heavy and stomping or athmospheric and hypnotizing like in "Greater Than The Sun" which is one of my personal favorites on the album. On top of all is the non-dancefloor track named "Happy Man", a ballad based on a lo-fi/preset rhythm structure and funny 8bit bleeps which are as well used by artists recording for labels like Micromusic. As Covenant already have been providing a remix for the Fixmer/McCarthy on Planet Rouge Records and their track "Bullet" received remix treatment by Berlin's Ellen Allien which both spread their name to wider audience than the EBM / Wave / Industrial-scene it's not unlikely that "Skyshaper" or at least the first 12" single "Ritual Noise" which is to be released this month will break onto Techno-/Electro-dancefloors as well.


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