Sunday, December 18, 2005

Grime r_port vol. 7

Macabre Unit's "Everyday Life / Cherry Pop" 12" on Slimzos Recordings - 008 - has been out for a while yet but is still massive. "Everyday Life" is based on kinda nervous and slightly hectic beats, stylewise not too far away from what's special about Dexplicit's beats, and relies on nothing more but a simple ringtone-like hook which sticks in the ear for ages before replaced by another tune. "Cherry Pop" is playing around with the cowbell and slightly oriental feel and is a gift to the advanced Dubstep massive which matches perfectly with DJ Eastwood's "Elastik" on Black Majik.

Touchdown Records came up with their first release recently, a 5 track E.P. produced by D.Dark named "The Mission E.P.". Massive riddims are to be found here - especially title track "Mission Riddim" is great not only due to the Star Wars-like intro but also due to the use of a great violin-based hookline which makes me almost shed a tear. A true symbiosis of state of the art urban music and classic. BO! The other tracks found on this 12" are on a dark, melancholic trip as well and also use classical instruments here and there which makes the whole E.P. a very special one. Guess it's gonna be referred to as a classic in the future so it's recommended to hunt this one down from your local record shop quickly before it's sold out.

Cat.No. 002 of Hyperdub records brings us Pressure ft. Warrior Queen's "Money Honey", which is a excellent fusion of Ragga-flavored spitting, Detroit Techno-influenced melancholia and experimental Grime/Dubstep switching from deep, spaced out beats to maximum brockout overdrive within a tenth of a second and flipping back that suddenly as well. Sounds like year 2050 music warped back to now - is this the beginning of a new era? Remix on the flipside represents a crossover between Ritual Dubstep and heavy banging Sublow which well goes along older releases on Tempa or Bison Recordings. Nice one.

Rossi B & Luca just released a new whitelabel alongside N.A.S.T.Y. Crew - check out for RL 001 as matrix number. Two tracks featured as full on vocal version as well as instrumental riddim. "Run 4 Cover" samples this years uber-tune "Welcome To Jamrock" and is by far the best out of many remixes of "WTJ" I've been coming across throughout the last months. This is the one that's gonna tear up every dancefloor, no matter if there's a Grime- or Reggae/Dancehall-massive out there representin'. "In The Place" is the tune on the flip, coming up with a kind of thrilling danger zone athmosphere musicwise - rudebwoys watch ya back.


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