Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 19

German producer Tadox, well appreciated for his releases on Highball and other HardTechno-related imprints, is about to release his "Straight Forward E.P." on the french label Tech Away Records in the first week of 2006. As the title suggests there's nothing found but three straightforward, hard banging, floor-orientated tracks in here, a steaming kettle of firing machinegun-like drums. If you look for something to chill out to or floating melodies just leave this one alone, but if you want a dancefloor on fire this is exactly what you're up for. Especially B1 "Be Your Own Hero" is great due to its subtle sampling of what might be called the biggest ever hit of the mid-nineties rave generation. Anyone who missed "Trainspotting" in here?

Pripuzzi, the new sublabel of Berlin's Vinyl On Demand, recently released cat.no. 001 named "Exil-System Remixed". I never came across Exil-System before, but, knowing a bit about Vinyl On Demand's release politics and philosophy, I guess it must be a project/band related to the ProtoWave-, Industrial- or even Ingenious Dilletantes-movement taking place in WestBerlin from the late 70's to the mid 80's. Five reworks are provided by the likes of Dr. Walker & Wulfmanson, Electric Indigo, Kotai, JussiPekka/Monoder and Weltklang, all likely to be filed under the AcidGrunge-, DarkAcid- and/or Minimal MonoAcid-flag [...ten years ago recordshops were likely to file this kind of 12" in a section named Intelligent Techno - where has this term gone btw ???]. Slow nerve grinding workouts for the headstrong sometimes mixed up with some mad, wave-influenced drug infested German lyrics - no happiness allowed in here, or at least not much. To be honest I'm not sure if this is gonna be played out or recognized by many DJ's out there although it should be. Problems to get this? Contact me at Hamburg's Otaku Records and I'm gonna help ya out.


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