Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Intrauterin Recordings 001 & 003 - Legal Downloads available now

Yes, it's true. Intrauterin Recordings enters the world of digital distribution, or better digital re-issues as I decided to make out of print / out of stock releases available on the digital market again. This doesn't necessarily mean I've fallen out of love with the good old vinyl disc as it's still my beloved and preferred format apart from dubplates/acetates but as all Intrauterin Recordings releases are limited to a small number of pressings and - although they've been distributed worldwide - haven't been available in each and every recordstore there might be headz out there that either have been looking after those long gone tunes for ages or simply never got the chance to listen to or purchase the original vinyl releases for any reason.

So if you're about to like some chilly intelligent Electro watch out for Motec Registered [Intrauterin Recordings 001] which has been originally released in 1999, if you're more looking for weird Techno, Rhythm Industrial and Noise-orientated music check Various Artists - Little Brutal Rave Bastards Series Vol. 1 [Intrauterin Recordings 003] which has been released back in 2000.


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