Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 21

Jose Gonzales' new single "Heartbeats", known to many through Sony's Europe-wide "Bravia" TV commercial, is to be released on Agenda / Peacefrog on January 16th. Three formats will be available - 7" and CD-single as well as a DVD featuring additional live footage plus bonus material. Musicwise Jose Gonzales is - as on his recent album "Veneer" from which both tracks are taken - on a Folk / Singer-Songwriter-tip. Title track "Heartbeats" is a timeless, innocent song while "Suggestions" is a repetetive, melancholic instrumental sketch that - as suggested for "Heartbeats", too - well fits for nice autumn afternoons.

TVT Records Europe has put the new 12" of the YingYang Twins ft. Pitbull named "Shake" on promo circuit recently. The YingYang Twins are originally hailing from the HipHop biz but this disc features 4 (sic!!!) mixes by XPress 2 transforming the whole track into nice Minimal-/ElectroHouse bangers which will do serious damage on the dancefloor due to their pumping beats'n'basslines. Even if you - like me - haven't been into the YingYang's kind of HipHop until now this one is at least worth to be checked out.


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