Saturday, January 21, 2006

Longplay love 12.0

Tosca, the collaboration project of Vienna-based Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber, have a remix album piped for 24th of february to be released on G-Stone. Entitled "Souvenirs" the CD features a whole of 16 tracks reworked by the likes of Rodney Hunter, Sterotyp, AGF Katzengedanken, Henrik Schwarz, DJ DSL and many more. All of them artists delivering warm, easy and organic mixes, which are going to work well in hip cafes, lounges or bar/restaurant places as most of them are quite chilled and some even provide a bit of balearic feel. If you're new to the so-called couch culture "Souvenirs" is a nice album to check out, but if you've been listening x-amounts of Downbeat-, Chill-, Lounge- and NuJazz-compilations/-albums in your life you'll find that something's missing here - at least one or two outstanding tunes...

Ipecac's mastermind Mike Patton is a lover of weird, extreme and obscure music. We all know that and if someone doesn't he even can guess from the Ipecac-backcatalogue. The labels' 68th release is to be released soon, a furious 23 track album by East West Blast Test which is filled with madness, insanity and information overload as these tracks are packed into a running time of approximately 35 minutes. By the name of "Popular Music For Unpopular People" it can be described as a melting pot of the music of Melt Banana, the density of Fantomas' last album "Suspended Animation" and the lo-fi trash-factor of projects like Messer Chups and related. For those who don't get the point: If you really, really want to stress out your neighbours, partner or mother within a minutes time just put this CD into your stereo and turn the volume up to the maximum. But back to the music again - East West Blast Test is a pair of two musicians that like to work long distance instead of teaming up for a recording session. Drummer Dave Witte, located in New Jersey, is the one to record the whole drum section of each and every track alone in his studio, sets the basic structure. Those drum-only songs go down to Chris Dodge, living in California, via mail, which is the one to complete them by filling in bass and guitar plus vocals and/or samples. The result is defo not easy to handle but if it was, it wouldn't be released on Ipecac anyway. Recommended tracks and hidden hits: 7. Lithe & 17. In The Multi-Purpose Room

Heavy guitar riffs, anyone? Earthride's new album named "Vampire Circus" is scheduled for february 19th on Southern Lord, which also released the band's debut back in 2002. Based in the Doom-capitol of Maryland Earthride-singer Dave Sherman delivers smokey, whiskey-burned vocals over slow and kinda depressing walls of guitar provided by Kyle Van Steinburg, while Eric Little, former part of Internal Void, is responsible for a very basic but still thrilling drum structure. File under: 100% pure Rock Music for the lost, suffering and despaired.


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