Thursday, January 19, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 22

Steve Bug's label Audiomatique is putting out catalogue number 009 these days named "Volume 1.1", which is the first of two 12"es featuring only exclusive tracks from their first ever Mix-CD "Audiomatique Volume 1.0 mixed by Martinez". Three tracks are to be found on this disc - Faktor-X's "Projections" is a journey into deep hypnotic Techno focusing on an ever changing driving bassline and some dubby, Basic Channel'esque sounds; Adultnapper's "Choose" delivers warm organic minimalism with a touch of so-called Intelligent Techno plus an oldskool-influenced hook, while Martinez explores "Twilight" with some stripped-down-to-the-bone Techno purism not too far away from what Sleeparchive focused on in the past 12 months.

Poker Flat is starting 2006 with Steve Bug's "The Smackman E.P." which is PFR 066. Both tracks, "Smackman" as well as "i-Thought", are excellent and Steve Bug as Steve Bug can be. Thrilling minimalism at it's best, pretty deep, athmospheric and at the same time functional as fuck - seems like this geezer never has a bad studio day. Regard this as another future classic which is not leaving my case for quite a long time. Top notch tunes!

Hamburg-based experimental musician Kera Nagel has put her 6 track CD "Off-Time" under her Axiomatic Integration-moniker recently, which is the first ever relase on Fragmented Media. If you're into the Clicks'n'Cuts of Mille Plateaux as well as into the minimal Industrial rhythms of Pan Sonic, slowly pulsating organic basslines, small tweaking melody fragments and drone-orientated surface noise you are likely to be part of Axiomatic Integration's target group. All of these elements are bond together to create a dense athmosphere for experienced consumers of advanced electronic music, non-disturbing Experimental Ambient that might fit well even into public spaces surrounded by glass, steel and concrete. As additional feature "Off-Time" also includes 18 minutes and 31 seconds of video quicktime data and, this has to be mentioned, great packaging design.


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