Friday, January 20, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 23

Mate Recordings comes up with two new releases in early 2006.
Cat.No. 009 is a nice 7" - that lovely format again - by Boys Of Scandinavia named "Why Do You Love Me?" which is an anthemic mover somewhere in between straight forward 4/4 beats, SynthPop, Wave and Electroclash. Will move every dancefloor, no matter if it's an Indie-discotheque or a straight Electronics-club. On the flipside there's a remix by Major Tweaks focusing on a more oldskool 80s (No)Wave feeling when it comes to the beats and flangered, kinda Moroder-styled basslines which somehow remind me of the legendary German band Fehlfarben.
Cat.No. 008 features four different versions of Roger's "Kids And Thieves" which is a bit less anthemic than Boys Of Scandinavia's new output and more focused on the guitar-orientated side of life. Vocals on the Original Version are a bit Pet Shop Boy'ish which is kind of puzzling, the A.N.I.M.A.L. Remix is a stripped down edit leaving out the vocal parts apart from the main chorus while Sly Wink's rework clearly has the Electroclash-crowd in mind thinking 'bout target groups. The Sigils' interpretation on B2 adds a very special lo-fi flava, brings in a new rolling drum section and melancholic, Film Noir-like string arrangements - musicwise I'd say this is how The Doors would sound like in 2006.

Audiomatique's Cat.No. 010 is the second part of their 12"-series released alongside their recent mix album. "Volume 1.2" features another three exclusive tracks - A1 is "Playmate" by the Barcelona-based producer Giancarlo Gusti who's releasing tracks under the - obviously strange - moniker CDjjj and deals with a special subbranch of Acid minimalism which is referred to by some as AcidGrunge. High class psycho music for advanced dancefloor use. Alexi Delano & Fernando Gullon team up for "When It Rains In Madrid" on B1 and it seems like a rainy day down there isn't that bad at all as they serve a dry uplifting primetime tune filled with positive vibes and some weirdo bleeps, which are basicly fun to listen to - no matter if it's on the dancefloor or at home. Huggotron is/are responsible for "Flashlight" on B2 which is a cool workout tool for the the early hours - stripped down, pumping and kinda trippy.

Azzido Da Bass comes up with a new single on his own imprint Luscious Sounds alongside Zoot Woman-singer Johnny Blake by the name of "Lonely By Your Side". Once again he crossovers between ElectroHouse and rock-orientated NuSkoolBreaks as he already did on 001/002 but this time introduces real song structures to his audience which is defo a step into a new direction. Massive support from DJ's as different as Adam Freeland, Lee Combs, Mijk Van Dijk, Radio Slave, Funk D'Void, Play Paul, who is responsible for the remixes on the flipside, and others is reported and I wouldn't be surprised if "Lonely By Your Side" is breaking into the mainstream market soon and being airwaved by commercial radio as well.

German HardTechno-producer Tadox comes up with a new release named "Praying Soldier" on Fat Spanking Beauty on 02/2006. The title track - which is also remixed by Kriz Miller on this 12" - is massive banging HardTech with a brutal vox sample that one is not to forget about again. On the flipside there's another two tracks to be found - "Dark Invasion" and "Fresh Air" - which will be loved by fans of straight forward Techno. Especially "Fresh Air" is a cool primetime track as it adds a more uplifting feel & structure to Tadox' musical spectrum, which usually focuses on the darker side of sound. As this tune is featured on B2 it will be overseen by many, but should be regarded as secret weapon firing up every dancefloor and as well taking aback a lot of your DJ friends when played out.


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