Friday, December 02, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 18

Not box fresh anymore but a nice record anyway is 001 of the The Hague-based label Phonocult, which is named "Karusseli E.P." and produced by Kalle M - another upcoming producer from Finland which has put out a bunch of quality releases on various labels throughout the last months. Title track "Karusseli" is deep TechHouse minimalism for late night sessions, touched by 'troity melancholy as well as by a few trancey influences, which - once more - makes me think about the possibility of a Trance revival, not talking the appreggio-overdosed 96/97 stuff here but the deep hypnotizing structures of 92-94. Maybe it's too early for that now but I'm sure that this sound is coming back within the next 24 months. Back to Kalle - Harrison Fnord's Remix of "Karusseli" is more pumpin' but still very close to the Original version, while B-side tracks "Plapala" and "Sapling" provide a more clubby attitude using similar ingredients.

Productionwise Kalle M is also joining forces with DJ Shuffle and together they are responsible for the latest release on Worldless Records named "Kepardi" - a massive, slightly trancey TechHouse monster featuring a fuckin' huge bassline, big string arrangements plus cool'n'jazzy trumpet sounds providing a very special improv-flava to the whole tune. Pure primetime stuff for big rooms and mega raves - the good ones who'll feature people like Oliver Ho and Gary Martin as headliners. On the flip there's a remix by M.Diekmann to be found which adds bigger bassdrums, makes a few changes within the mixdown and due to this is a bit more anthemic but still close to the basic intention of the track. Cool stuff and a must have for jocks who love to play a more advanced selection than the norm.


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