Saturday, February 18, 2006

Elettronica Romana...

... is a label based in Italy associated with Rome's infamous Remix recordstore. Five releases under its belt yet and the sixth one to come soon which is actually 002 the label deals with all kinds of deep MinimalTechno without focusing on pure dancefloor functionality so there's enough space for a bit of listening stuff and/or so-called Intelligent Techno on most of the imprints releases.

Giorgio Gigli's "Geometrik Forms E.P.", which is the belated ER002, is scheduled for february 27th and provides two nice tracks perfectly working for a early hours set as both of them are long hypnotizing trips based on a minimal but slightly trancey athmosphere and deep, kinda proggy grooves. If you're into what happens on labels like Worldless Records or Frozen North Recordings these days you're about to like this 12" as well.

February 6th saw the release of Diego Capri & Andrea Gentile's 5-track E.P. "Minimal Configuration" as ER006, crossing borders between deep IntelligentTechno, excellent slow grungy Minimalism and pumping stripped-down-to-the-bone tracks for primetime dancefloor abuse. Recommended to advanced DJ's as well as for homelisteners addicted to cool technoid sounds.

Modern Heads "Pathology E.P." is ER005 which has been released earlier this year. "Treatment 1" on the A-side is re-treated by Donato Dozzy delivering an absolutely thrilling IntelligentTechno workout inna 1994 style - all of you headz regarding Richie Hawtin & John Acquaviva's "X-Mix-3 - Enter: Digital Reality!" as one of the most important compilations ever released will know what I'm talking about. "Treatment 2" is to be found on the flipside: 5 minutes and 46 seconds of sparkling MinimalTechno that'll set dancefloors on fire.

ER004 is Maurizio Cascella & Joe Casagrande's double-A-sided 12" "Ra-Moon-Koom" which features the tracks "Fujiko" and "Rex". While "Fujiko" explores spaced-out Electro meets Ambient Listening-structures and is to be loved by all ChillOut-area DJ's that have been around since the first heyday of non-dancefloor focused Experimental Electronica [talking mid 90's here], "Rex" is a pumping mover for advanced dancefloors including a few trippy, kinda acidic ingredients and a warm dubby bassline. Nice one.

Once again big up to Sandro @ Remix for sending out those 12"es... thx, m8.


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