Sunday, February 12, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 27

Austria-based label Hirntrust Grind Media just released its second 7", a split-release of 1Bomb1Target and Hard-Off. While 1Bomb1Target's track clearly focuses on grinding, de-structurized Harsh/HateNoize it is Hard-Off's part to work dancefloor crowds with a funny cutup of various Gabba/Hardcore- and Pop-tunes. If you're into early works of the likes of Jason Forrest/Donna Summer or Knifehandchop you gonna dig this one, too. Make sure you ask yr local dealer about this soon as this 7" is limited to 290 copies worldwide.

Tilt Recordings, which are based in Germany's Drum'n'Bass-capital Mannheim, are coming up with their third release these days, a double-A-sided 12" straight out of the studio of the producer team amex/Kaiza. Both tunes are recommended for those being into the dark side of technoid Drum'n'Bass - "Shrinz" on side A is a heavy specialists tune with its monotonous bassline, non-standard grooves and offbeat snare while "Next Level Nature" is dedicated to fast straightforward beats, threatening Industrial-flavored sci-fi stabs and evil, thrilling basslines that perfectly fit in a context of year 2k releases on labels like Biotic, Coup De Main or XXX without being dated at all.

Greek producer Mud Max, whom I met in Athens a few days ago, has been responsible for the first release on Balkon recently. His "Dog Bite E.P." containing his minimal primetime-bouncer "Dog Bite" - the one to check out first if yr local dealer stocks this 12" - plus two remixes by Novox and Popnebo, which provide proper tools for the late night hours when everyone on the floor is longing for hypnotic and tripped-out music. Especially Novox wins here as he adds a nice Breakdance/Electro-breakdown to his "Bitten RMX".

Mud Max has also released his "Hunger E.P." on german label Ware not too long ago. Rumors say that this one has been sold out within weeks, but will be repressed soon. Three tracks to be found here, all of them quite deep, trippy and not to far away from what has been called Intelligent Techno back in the days. "r2deat2" on B2 is my personal fav here due to its weird bleepy sounds which fit well alongside the legendary Mike Inc. remixes of Andreas Dorau's classic "Telefon".


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