Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 26

Sascha Müller's "Back For Good E.P." is out now as 011 of Supersix Records. Expect three excellent pieces of deep thrilling Techno paying respect to times when there was plenty of space for experiments in straight 4/4 dancefloor music. Call me a nostalgic geezer but I do miss that in most of contemporary Techno. "The Interaction", which is the first of three tracks included on this CD, would well fit in the mix with Modesty's "Mind Fly" originally released back in the days on the legendary freestyle imprint XXC3.

Bremen-based label Northbeatz Audio has scheduled feb. 15th as in-store date for their fifth release which is Plan-E vs. Sharky-X' "Tabasco E.P.". Each artist delivers two tracks here, all four of them are uncompromising and functional HardTechno-tools for primetime abuse. Not recommended for weak-heartened persons that don't like to bang their foreheads against concrete walls.

Malente pres. ManroX "Theme from ManroX" 12" will be the fourth release on Azzido Da Bass' own imprint Luscious Sounds. Scheduled for feb. 22nd this is first release of a signed artist on Azzido's label which once again keeps dancefloors in a busy mode. Main title "Them From ManroX" is a nice tool featuring oldskoolish C64-sounds - cool for people that have been raised alongside bleeping SID chips but not the best track on this 12". B1 "Aargh!" is pretty pumping and a hypnotizing work of art due to the big monotonous bassline responsible for a proper "Abfahrt!" as party people like to call it in german while B2 "Dizko Sh*t" causes hysteria on the floor with the main vox sample "This is grade A 100% pure columbian cocaine - Disco Shit!" alongside sparkling minimalism and a quirky bassline ride. Quality.


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