Saturday, February 18, 2006

Grime r_port vol. 8

Storming Productions have been putting out their sixth 12" a while ago, which is DJ Narrows' "Kik-Daan-Ya-Door" - a dark toolish 4Beat / SpeedGarage tune which has been featured on Destructive's CD "Back To The Underground mixed by Search + Destroy and Quiet Storm" recently. This one - as well as the bassheavy Grime remix provided by Dubchild to be found on B2 - is recommended to all those being into dark instrumental cuts, while "Hardcore (Take Me Higher)" fuses Oldskool Breakbeats, ravey stabs and samples with thrilling 4-2-Floor-beats. A perfect tool for Oldskool-headz to mix into Jens' legendary "Loops & Tings" released on Superstition back in 1993.

Ruff Sqwad's "Cuckoo" has been released earlier this year, but is still a damn good tune - watch out for a whitelabel matrixed DIRT002. Main tune is featured as vocal cut plus instrumental, including some really weird bird sounds and, once again, excellent dangerzone stakkato-string arrangements. No doubt that this is nothing but straight street music. On the flip there's another pathetic, string-loaded Halfstep riddim plus a second one coming up with barking dog samples and a beat structure similar to Dexplicit's StakkatoGrime stylee.

Skull Disco are back with their second release and it's the future! While Shackleton provides another uber-cool RitualGrime/MythStep workout named "Majestic Visions" featuring his trademark loose hypnotizing, voodoo-driven beats, growling sounds, huge basslines and dubby accordion-hook, Applebim explores a sci-fi fusion of Dubstep and Elektro/Electronica with two tracks - "Cheat I" and "Girder". Yes, this music is far out stuff and maybe a bit too far out for contemporary dancefloors but due to this Skull Disco is one of the most upfront and groundbreaking Dubstep-related imprints of today. Big Up!


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