Monday, February 13, 2006

Longplay love 14.0

Well, even if you're used to get promos on a regular basis opening your daily parcels can be surprising or even puzzling. This has been the case with the latest - 015 - release of Sascha Müller's own imprint Pharmacom Records. I know Sascha for quite a long time now as he's been one of the first artists sending me tracks for my own label and I know that he's into a wide range of musical styles, but his "Hot Jazz Compilation" as it is named paying respect to Lounge, Jazz-influences and Bossa is something I'd never expected to be released on Pharmacom as the label's been dedicated to more "electronic" music and not to what might be called a mixture of nice Lounge- and Easy Listening-tunes. Expect ten tracks and a running time of about 43 minutes here provided by artists like Hiroshi Yamaoka, Memphis Belle Crew, Die Stereo-Typen, Superstar JC and others... Btw - "Hot Jazz Compilation" is limited to 100 copies only.

Munich-based project Raggabund have scheduled their first album "Erste Welt" on Artist First Music for April 2006. As the name suggests they fuse influences from Reggae / Ragga / Dancehall / Reggaeton with German [sic!] lyrics, which - at least in approximately 50% of the tunes - spread a kind of conscious / political message, and put a bit of mainstream appeal into this mixture. Maybe diehard grown-up fans of original Reggae-/Dancehall-culture won't dig this as most of them prefer them lyrics in patois, but for a younger audience this might be interesting as most of them kids just don't understand what jamaican or UK-based artists are talking about, which messages are spread in Reggae/Dancehall in general and which issues are dealt with. This album should be regarded as an attempt to introduce all this to at least a part of the younger german audience interested in Reggae/Dancehall and might as well introduce this kind of music to a wider audience.

"Wenn ich nicht hier bin, bin ich auf'm Sonnendeck" has been the main message of Peter Licht's first smash hit a few years ago which meant something like "When I'm not in this place, I'm taking a sunbath...". But instead of sunbathing Peter Licht has been locked down in the studio throughout the last months and seems to have a new 13 track album scheduled on Motor Music in the near future which now appeared in my postbox a few days ago without any additional information on release date or album/track titles. Once again Mr. Licht sticks to innocent Singer/Songwriter-Pop musicwise and naive lyrics with a kind of dada-istic flavor. Best quote to be taken off the whole album: „Denn wer saufen kann, kann auch ausschlafen und den Tag in die Matratze drücken bis ihm das Kissen an der Backe klebt.“ [~ "The one who's able to drink all night is also able to sleep until he's sober and press the day into his mattress until the pillow sticks to his cheek". Love it or leave it.


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