Friday, January 27, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 25

Hamburg-based label Audiolith teams up with Miriam Music International for the release of a fine, double-A-sided 7" these days which will be a sought after collectors item soon due to the very limited edition of only 100 issued copies worldwide.
Audiolith-act Plemo comes up with the track "Flashlight" - a weirdo high-speed 80's Disco tune featuring funny 8bit-bleeps and lo-fi synth-melodies. Imagine a pop colored video mixed up with Flashdance or Saturday Night Fever on cocaine and too much acid. On the flipside there's Tobiah's "Romeo" who's on a early SynthPop-revival tip - loads'n'loads of ultra-harmonic string arrangements and naive "little girl dreaming of Prince Charming"-vocals. If I didn't knew better I'd bet this is the soundtrack of a japanese anime containing an innocent Lolita love story. File under: UltraPop!

Not that innocent is the new release on Highball Music which are about to mash up dancefloors with the third part of their various artist 12"-series "Psycho Shoxx". Crossing borders between HardTechno and Hardcore this 5-tracker is pressed on clear orange vinyl and features DJ MinuPren, Faeb, Manone and Bassbottle - all of them causing some serious destruction and brain damage. If you're weak-minded stay away from "Psycho Shoxx Part 3" - isn't the series title suggesting this already? - but if you're diggin' fired up, hammering bassdrums and heavy noise attacks make sure to grab this one. Bassbottle earns some bonus points for the best track name I came across throughout the last months by naming his piece of music "Panzerwerk Nord" - that geezer seems to be a sickhead for life.

After the massive success of his first 12" "Love Dose" Argy is back with second release on Poker Flat Recordings to be released soon. His "Night Ritual E.P." contains three tracks of excellent Minimal Techno, stripped down to the bone but pretty functional and able to move dancefloors for years. Although the dry, kinda oldskool hook and bassline of "Poke Her Flat" is highly recognizable I'd regard none of the tracks as an obvious hit which makes them twice as interesting as they're protected from being rinsed to death within a few weeks but will be well appreciated by the dancefloor crowd for a long time. High potential music, likely to be regarded as classics by forthcoming generations of Minimal Techno connaisseurs and very likely to be a constant selling record futurewise.


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