Thursday, January 26, 2006

Longplay love 13.0

Two new albums are due to be released on feb. 17th on Neurot Recordings.

The labels 039 ist the sixth full-length album of the Washington/D.C.-based band Tone, consisting of five guitar players, one operating bass and two drummers. On their album entitled "Solidarity", which has a running time of approx. 54 minutes, they deliver seven pieces of instrumental-music, partly based on highly repetitive, hypnotic and as well multi-layered structures, familiar to a Rock audience which is the context Tone have been operating in from their day one which is 1991. And 15 years in business proves that their first determination and belief - according to press information - was right. There is still space for intelligent instrumental music.

Cat.No. 042 is the third album of Justin K Broadrick's deep listening project Final named "3", a double CD (!!!) including the whole of 26 tracks produced throughout the timespan of five years between 2000-2005 - 11 of them alongside Diarmuid Daiston who joined Final as new collaborator a while ago. Somewhere between layered drones, Dark and/or Experimental Ambient, Electroacoustics and feedback modifications Final is Justin K Broadrick's longest running musical outlet which he ran long before he joined Napalm Death or founded the likes of Godflesh, Jesu and his Industrial-/Mutant-HipHop-band Techno Animal. Listening to Final's music is like watching an autumn's landscape through a fog-bank - formerly clear structures start to disappear slowly, sounds are a bit fuzzy, cognition feels blurred and everything seems to be kinda spooky. Not exactly the kind of music highly recommendable to anyone suffering form depression but if you like to voluntarily isolate yourself from any kind of civilization for approx. 124 minutes, deplug any communication sources and explore the beauty of fragile solitude this is the perfect soundtrack for your trip - preferrably to be consumed in dark and cold winter nights.


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