Sunday, January 22, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 24

Two more records coming straight out of Tadox' studio these days.
Composure Records is about to release the "Spider On Your Head" E.P. of his side project "Tadox pres. S-Tunes" as 023 - a three tracker which explores Techno purism rather than noisy HardTech. Especially "Get Down" is kinda main room - talking really huge spaces here - stuff, featuring a massive uplifting bassline that'll turn some heads around. Title track "Spider On Your Head" is fast'n'hard coming up with some dark psycho tones and Heckmann-influenced bassline, while "Can't Get Enough" is a toolish HardTechno stampede dedicated to those who like heavy stomping beats and distorted bassline workouts.
Cat.No. 004 of Groovebeat Records is a split-12" of Tadox vs. Timo Benz named "Art Of Alliance E.P.". While Timo Benz of whom I've never heard before delivers collaborations with Andre Vanox and Brad Lee plus one solo track which are proper tools but loosing focus a bit (... or maybe I just don't get the point), Tadox is about to mash up places with at least one Hardtechno banger and two Techno tunes exploring darker, more psyched out terrain.

After a while of silence Grand Casino Records is back on track again with a re-release of Humate's 1993-anthem "Love Stimulation" which is known as one of the biggest Trance classic ever. The Original Mix is included as well as the infamous Love Mix which was produced by Gerret Frerichs and now global player Paul Van Dyk back in the days. This is essential for everyone who has taken part in electronic dance music since the 90's but missed to purchase that tune for any reason plus everyone else. Trance is about to be back!


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