Thursday, May 25, 2006

Grime r_port vol. 11

MRK 1 a.k.a. Mark One of Virus Syndicate-fame is responsible for 006 of the infamous Boka Records which features four of MRK 1-typical stripped-down-to-the-bone Halfstep tempo riddims. Reduced to the max all tunes leave loads of space for dark futuristic athmospheres and threatening basslines that'll be loved by any kind of Dubstep connaisseurs. Btw - one track is named "Tinkerbell"... after Paris Hilton's dog?

To be filed under "essential tune" or "future classics" is the fourth release of Hyperdub Records which is provided by no other than Kode 9. On side A theres "Backward" alongside The Space Ape while "9 Samurai" sees Kode 9 on solo production duties. Both tunes are solubilizating borders between Dubstep and dark experimental Dub structures which once was the trademark sound of the NYC-based WordSound-/Black Hoodz-collective - slow, deep, hypnotic and melancholia-driven.

For the Ritual Grime-/ MythStep-massive there's Shackleton's "Soundboy's Nuts Get Ground Up Proper E.P." out as Skull Disco 003 these days. Although 001 & 002 already have been far out musicwise Shackleton goes even farther as his tune "Blood On My Hands" seems to leave all dancefloors behind and explores soundscapes between MythStep and Ambient Dub. The result is a warm, organic soundscape that should go on forever due to its pure musical beauty. Excellent piece! "Naked" and "Hypno Angel" come up with some dreamy accordeon sounds which seem to be Shackleton's trademark or at least favourite instrument on top of more dancefloor-focused MythStep-workouts which are recommended to DJ's that love to play a kind of eclectic selection.


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