Friday, May 12, 2006

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 12

Massari's new 12" to be released on Capital Prophet Records is on promo circuit now. As the name "Real Love" suggests Massari is on a DigiSoul vs. Pop-tip here which is made for mainstream success. The Radio Edit is quite soft and light, but the Club Remix delivers some heavy beats to bounce to while the so-called OGB & Toni Works Remix comes up with a lighter vibe and an anthemic bleepy hookline which fits fine into a more Crunk-flavored set.

DigiSoul nubreed Black Buddafly do release their upcoming single "Bad Girl" featuring Fabolous via DefJam these days. Watch put for massive beats, primetime flava and serious drama business. Nice one!

The remixes of India.Arie's tune "I Am Not My Hair" are out on the infamous Motown Records-imprint now, bringing up the beauty in contemporary DigiSoul vocally as India.Arie has got a quite impressive voice but also in beats, which are taken care of by remixers like Konvict, Swizz Beats and Jazze Pha. Lyricwise the never-ending story and/or connection of a woman and her hair is dealt with and there is thruth in the word that, if a woman/girl as about to change something important in her life, she also changes - sometimes in radical way - her hairstyle.


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