Monday, May 22, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 35

"Magic Cuts" is the name of the recent Mini-CD release of a guy named Abel Okugawa Wright which I received not via post but instead of that was given to me by Matthew of Ostinato-fame which I met again after two years while they where playing a show at Hamburg's ?!fundbureau on may 8th. Musicwise this 3" disc contains 6 tracks of nice'n'easy organic Ambient / Electronica truely influenced by what was once upon a time known as a genre named TripHop. Floating relaxation guaranteed and due to this a nice piece of musical art.

Straight from the headquarters of Vienna's G Stone Recordings the new 12" of Dorfmeister vs. MDLA flew in a few weeks ago under the name of "Grand Slam" which is a nice one for the funky hours. A-side tune "Boogie No More", based on Perry Kibble & Janice Johnson's classic "Boogie, Oogie, Oogie" is to be filed under Funky and/or Disco House without being that cheesy as most of this genre's tunes are. Although this track might fit well with a more commercial or non-specialists audience it comes up with a stylish attitude riding upon the significant discoid bassline funk over and over again while the vocal hook literally sticks in the consumer's eardrums and does not leave for a while. "Make Dis Real" on the flip as well deals with Electronic Funk matters featuring anthemic male vox on top of NuSkoolBreak'ish beats that slightly remind of what acts like Super Style Deluxe do represent these days which means that this one is to be appreciated not only on strictly Breakbeat-flavored dancefloors. Nice.

Germany's darkest Drum'n'Bass-imprint Intransigent Recordings reveals its seventh release these days and slightly changes styles with this one. Bad Matter's "Blood For Blood" on the A-Side is brutal Hardcore Choppage with a ravey attitude that is literally about to destroy any dancefloor. It's been quite a while since I came across a bassdrum that massive... sounds like Paradox joins forces with any kind of upfront Gabba-/Hardcore-producer or sth. sick like that. On the flip we've got Coresplittaz presenting their "System" which is kind of a straight, but stepping Amen-driven tune featuring some AFX'esque beat destruction effects and hell of evil warped basslines slightly reminding me of what labels like XXX, Biotic or Coup De Main came up with in their early stage of existence located around year 2000 on our time scale - bassline-wise that is. Once again a top notch release on Intransigent Recordings, big up all crew!


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