Friday, May 12, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 34

Quite a surprise is Nelly Furtado's new 12" named "Maneater" taken off her forthcoming album "Loose". Covering the well-known Disco classic of the same title on top of dirty,ruff and slightly stomping beats delivering a Disco vs. DFA'ish attitude this will be played out in underground clubs as well as in a mainstream context. Watch out for the onesided promo edition made of excellent blue vinyl.

Groove Coverage are putting out their next single named "21st Century Digital Girl" via Zeitgeist / Universal these days. Forget the so-called Club Mix featured on the A-side as it is ultra-cheesy commercial HardDance bullshit which I only love for its fun factor 'coze the vocals are that kind of naive, uplifting bullshit that puts a fucking big grin on your face and makes you feel like a child put in front of a massive amount of sweets, bubblegum and lemonade. Welcome to la-la-land! Surprisingly the flip does better and mixes up ElectroBreaks/ NuSkoolBreaks presenting a rock'ish attitude - remember DJ Tocadisco's "Nobody likes..." or recent Azzido Da Bass-releases - with a kind of Pink'esque PowerPop-flavor. Add a bit of sing-a-long-factor and there it is - a perfect RadioPop-anthem which might as well be played throughout ElectroClash- or other more Freestyle-flavored nights.

Sascha Müller's new release "Das Maß von Minimal" is 009 on his very own imprint Super Six Goodies. Once again this Uelsen-based artist serves three tracks of excellent work which might not be named "minimal" in the sense of now but is a stripped down to the bone fusion of slightly Acid-flavored Techno of the old skool and intelligent HypnoTrance featuring neverending loops and all that stuff we loved back in the days. Superb!


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