Tuesday, May 02, 2006

13.05.2006 baze.djunkiii @ Floral Liberal / Athens, Greece

For the third time within four months I'm gonna be off to Greece on may 13th, this time mashing up a venue named Floral Liberal with a mixture of ElectroClash/ElectroHouse, Bootlegs and other fun stuff.

Press release:

Baze.djunkiii - head of Hamburg-based label Intrauterin Recordings, co-owner of the fresh established Rudel Records, Imp-Artists flagship DJ.
A music devotee and creative wizard on the decks. His sets easily take you on a journey through two decades of club music, mashing up hard to find classics with contemporary sounds: ElectroClash vs. Bootlegs vs. TechHouse vs. Minimalism vs. Breaks vs. Electro vs.You Name It, (he has it) - as long as it's rocking dancefloors it'll be played out and it'll be played out right.
Wherever Baze.djunkiii is on sound control not only DJs wonder how he is able to cover such a wide range of styles from only one case of records, but also where he gets them all from. His back stock of 5000+ discs holds more rarities and incomprehensible versions than an average record store does and his all-embracing knowledge of sounds allows him to Mix n' Blend through a selection of brilliant crowd tested and Dancefloor proved tunes, which by the way are granted to make party people dance their ass off.
So what to expect tonight?
The essence of cool ElectroClash & ElectroHouse plus Baze.djunkiii's very own definition of what he calls "Dancefloor Bashing". Pogo dancing anyone?

Floral Liberal
Themistokleous 80, Exarheia Sq.
10681 Athens


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