Thursday, May 04, 2006

Longplay love 21.0

Berlin-based Poker Flat Recordings-artist Guido Schneider comes up with a new concept for his forthcoming CD "Focus On: Guido Schneider" scheduled for may 26th, which is to be regarded one of the most interesting and thrilling in-one-go-album on the circuit these days. So what is it all about? Thirteen tracks and/or remixes featured on this disc taken from Guido Schneider's recent back catalogue or produced exclusively for this album (those are about to appear on a seperate 2x12" issue), re-edited and put into pieces by the artist himself and finally re-arranged into a hypnotic mix of approximately 67 minutes length which does not present Mr. Schneider's vision of minimalism but perfectly defines what the genre is - or at least should be - all about: stripped down to the bone grooves of excellent quality and higher intelligence. Due to this "Focus On: Guido Schneider" is most likely to be filed under "Future Classics" or "Essential Album" soon. Watch out and buy blind folded.

Aosuke's new album "Monotone Spirits", which has been released as collaborative work of the labels Audiolith and Meudiamorte, is highly recommended to all lovers of classic Ambient sounds as all four tracks which are paving their way through a total running time of about 36 minutes feature floating, totally beat-less structures of organic ambience influenced of what my be called a slightly Post-PostRock'ish attitude if the simple use of processed guitar sounds can be regarded as Rock-reference. If not, it's just Ambient at its best.

Another high quality release is to come on Steve Bug's Dessous Recordings-imprint in collaboration with photographer Sacha Dean Biyan who worked for magazines like GQ, Vogue and others and apart from this is responsible for the website While Biyan, which is named to be one of the best fashion photographers around, is responsible for visual content in form of an excellent booklet delivering high quality photographs - some of them do remind of aesthetics served in long gone Calvin Klein adds - plus additional photo and interactive data contained on the first disc, the Dessous Recordings-camp stands in for the music. Mastermind Steve Bug is responsible for CD1 of this pair named "Eccentris: Skin Is In", compiling a whole bunch of ten unmixed (sic!) tracks defining his view upon deep and sexy grooves which are not necessarily made for dancefloors. Namedropping anyone? Tosca, Chateau Flight, I:Cube, Frivolous and others are featured here. Disc 2 of this set has new born star Ame of Sonar Kollektiv-fame at the controls, recognized by many for his recent uber-hit "Rej", which put together a nice and deep but still dancefloor focused DJ-mix of nearby 76 minutes length which easily can be imagined to be played out live n a tiny red-walled underground club somewhere in the middle of any redlight district in the world as all tracks included from the likes of Tokyo Black Star, Laid, Marcus Worgull, DJ Yoav B., Ame himself and others are fired up to the max with sweat, sex and steamy attitude - the same old game Housemusic has been about ever since. Pumping basslines galore!


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