Thursday, May 25, 2006

Longplay love 22.0

It's been more than four years since the last album of David Tibet's project Current 93 has been put out under the name of "Sleep Has His House". A long time if one considers that Current 93 was formed in the early 80s and has got 20+ albums released in this time span. But now waiting is over and "Black Ship Ate The Sky", as the new albums title is, is to be released via Durtro Jnana Records on june 2nd. Alongside musical collaborators Michael Cashmore, Ben Chasney, Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound-fame, John Contreras with William Basinski as well as William Breeze and Amy Philips plus guest-vocalists Marc Almond, Antony, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Shirley Collins, Baby Dee, Pantaleimon, Clodagh Simons and Cosey Fanny Tutti David Tibet delivers a whole lot of 21 ultra-intense songs to be filed under the flag of Avant / Apocalyptic Folk, most of them uneasy, threatening and fueled with despair and desperation although one doesn't get that point at first sight as some songs are packed in a quite friendly musical garment but it's always the lyrics being from easy that are sneaking through the backdoor. One of the best and most fascinating albums I've ever come across and even Current 93-founder David Tibet claims it is "...the closest I have come to picturing what I hope, and feel, and love, and fear". No additions to that.

A collaboration release between the german label Fond Of Life Records and Luxembourg-based imprint Winged Skull Records is the first official album of Communicaution named "This Monkey Is An Artist" which is to be released on june 16th. Communication is the acoustic outlet of Eric Rosenfeld, known as frontman of Skate Punk-band Rise Up, and acoustic means acoustic here. Just a man and his guitar, a voice suffering from not only a few drinks too many, plus a whole of 14 raw'n'uncut songs within approximately 35 minutes of total running time which - due to their old skool way of being played - seem quite innocent, sometimes naive and melancholic but always charming and for sure entertaining.
Do not give this disc to your girlfriend anyway, she might love it, keep it and you gonna have to buy a new copy for yourself.

When music, art and avantgarde are clashing there's always an interesting result to come out and most of the times this result cannot be filed under one specific flag or genre. We had things like this in NYC's NoWave and PostPunk as well as in Berlin's "Ingenious Dilletantes"-movement happening in the late 70's to mid 80's and now we've got The Weegs who are about put their second album out on New York's Hungry Eye Records. Entitled "The Million Sounds Of Black" the whole of 9 tracks on the album are clearly influenced by the above mentioned genres and deliver a feeling of urban angst and decay, grey concrete walls, poisoned rainfall and weathered industrial environment. Maybe a bit of drug an alcohol abuse, too - just to get rid off negative thoughts and feelings, at least for a few hours of intoxicated happiness. If you're a child of former West Berlin grown up in times of US vs. Russia arms race you have no other option than being into The Weegs new album. Release date is june 09th.


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