Saturday, April 29, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 33

Hollywood-based imprint Dim Mak is about to release the upcoming "Mini LP" of half-New York/half Netherlands Punk group Das Oath on may 26th, which is - at least when it comes to running time issues - to be regarded as E.P. rather than LP as the nine tracks featured cover a timespan of approx. 20 minutes only. But these 20 minutes, or at least half of this time as the last track "Mouldering" contains abut 9 minutes of silence, are fueled to the max with anger and energy. Rumoured to be one of the favorite bands of Napalm Death-member Barney Das Oath reveal a massive explosion of noisy Punk-attitude and fucked up Hardcore destruction that'll make weak-heartened ears bleed for sure. If this is too strong for your neighbours, it's time to move flats soon.

Infadels' upcoming 12" named "Love Like Semtex", which is about to be released via Wall Of Sound / PIAS UK on may 12th, is on promo circuit these days. Two thrilling mixes by Headman - remix & dub mix - to be found on the A-side which easily transfer the Infadels' Rock'ish attitude into a club context without losing much of the original feel. The London Deep Xploding Dub Mix on B1 is on a more kind of minimalistic tip and fits well into a Minimal Techno-set while the B2 Metronomy Remix clearly aims towards the Indie dancefloors of this world.

The new 12" on german label Zeitgeist / Universal is Paris Avenue feat. Robin One's "In My Mind" - a slightly commercial tune inna early 90's Eurodance meets House-stylee with kinda Seal'ish vocals on top. Retro flavored. "Basix" on the flip wins here as the tune is instrumental and by far more up to date while mixing up big room Electro-/TechHouse-influences and sounds showing mass appeal. Not the best tune ever made, but a solid tool anyway.


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