Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Longplay love 24.0

Mike Patton went Pop. Although this sounds shocking at first we all can imagine that his definition of Pop is not exactly the mainstreams, but still Patton's new album project Peeping Tom on his very own Ipecac Recordings is his most accessible work of art since Faith No More. Not working face 2 face with his list of collaborators which includes the likes of Massive Attack, Norah Jones, Odd Nosdam, Kid Koala plus more Patton was writing tracks for whomever he thought would be fitting on top, posted the result and just hoped for a reply in form of a finished piece. Seems strange, regarding that no-one would ever know what is about to come out of this procedure, but worked fine as the whole Peeping Tom-album proves. Beats are cloudy and often (Leftfield) HipHop- / Downbeat-related but fueled with thrilling kinds of Rock-/Pop-structures and even deal with real choruses which is a rare thing to be found in Mike Patton's work today. If this kind of music would be airplayed - and it truely has the potential to be appreciated by a wider audience - by any major station the world would've become a better place for sure.

You love the darkness of film noir as much as the apparent artsy glam-attitude of bands like Queen or King Crimson and the provoking avantgarde of the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show? You do? Really? Then you're the weirdo type of guy to check the new album of singer/songwriter/producer John Congleton's band The Paper Chase which has been released on Southern Records recently under the name of "Now You Are One Of Us", a title as dark and kryptic as most of the song titles e.g. "We Know Were You Sleep", "The Song Will Eat Itself" or "The House Is Alive And The House Is Hungry" are, capturing what could've been quotes taken from old zombie films. Athmospheres too, as some of Congleton's songs feel really psyched out and I guess he is. Guess his mom called him "Sickboy" all the time - maybe she shouldn't have done this?

Berlin's local Punkrock heroes Stakeout are about to release their new album "Wes Kind Ich Ess, Des Fahrrad Ich Klau" on July 6th. And no, I'm not about to translate this, I'm not even giving a try 'coze there's some kinda wortwitz which is about to be lost anyway. As the album title clearly suggests the bunch of four early- to mid-twenties sings and performs in german language without fulfilling the cliche of being either commercial Fun- or instructive PolitPunk, although they're funny, witty and zinging as well, dealing with well-known Punkrock-issues like being anti-capitalist, anti-employer, anti-authority as well as everyday struggle of unfulfilled love or weirdo Ska-flavored anti-insect songs like "Insekten Haben Keine Lobby". A bit of everything inside, quite likeable and a proper soundtrack for swigging down some cans of cold beer throughout a hot summer.


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