Monday, June 05, 2006

Intrauterin Recordings Digital Extra - new subbranch to be launched soon

Yes, it's true - Intrauterin Recordings opens a new subbranch which is about to put out releases on the digital market within shortest of times.

In difference to the already existing sister label Intrauterin Recordings Digital [ code is intra_d] , which is focusing on digital re-releases of limited Intrauterin Recordings vinyl editions, the freshly established section Intrauterin Recordings Digital Extra [ code is intra_dx] is our new digital outlet for licensed tunes that haven't been available in any digital format before and exclusive releases for the digital market.

Following releases are signed for Intrauterin Recordings Digital Extra yet:

intra_dx001 Intrauterin Alliance - Der Geist Gottes
intra_dx002 Intrauterin Alliance - ...meets Automatenmusik
intra_dx003 Intrauterin Alliance - Banane
intra_dx004 Orderly Chaos - Limited Forever
intra_dx005 Rotor - Votum E.P.
intra_dx006 Sascha Müller - Hypnotools Vol. 1
intra_dx007 Sascha Müller - Percussive Storm E.P.
intra_dx008 Lettuce - The Lost Paradise


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