Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Longplay love 23.0

Alias & Tarsier recently teamed up on Anticon. for their new longplayer "Brookland/Oaklyn" which has been released on may 12th. Although the info sheet suggests to file "Brookland / Oaklyn" under the flag of Electronic / Rock / Pop it's necessary to be a bit more precise here. Alias' beats and structures are organic, fuzzy and blurred as ever while Rona "Trasier" Rapadas' - 50% of NYC's Healmonster & Trasier" - voice on top slightly reminds of both Ireland's Sinead O'Connor and Iceland's Björk while carrying a kind of Folk- and PostRock-influenced touch. Not necessarily essential, but if you're a fan of the mentioned artists or Anticon.'s release politics you should check this one out for sure.

F.D. Project's "Mare Tranquillitatis" is cat.no. 018 of Pharmacom Records, a 2CD which leaves me a bit puzzled and insecure as I still don't know what to make of it even after listening to it more than once. Stylewise it's Ambient which big time tributes to the likes of Tangerine Dream or Jean Michel Jarre and this is exactly the point when things start to get tricky as both mentioned artists have released excellent tracks... and loads of kitsch. Frank Dorittke's F.D. Project is stuck in between, too.

Cat.No. 017 of Pharmacom Records is Kondencuotas Pienas' album "Synaesthetic Layers". Dealing kinda oldskool'ish and Jungle-influenced tracks as well as some relaxing Downbeat-tunes, this is not the one for hardcore headz but for those who are just in need of some nice'n'athmospheric broken beats to chill out to.


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