Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Longplay love 25.0

Metalcore anyone? Bridge To Solace are coming straight outta Budapest and are about to take Europe and the world with their storming longplayer "Where Nightmares And Dreams Unite" which is to be released via the dutch Hardcore-imprint GSR Music in mid-July. Nine tracks included here, each of them a true force and about to transform dancefloors into heavy moshpits, brutal but still melodic, totally thrilling and fueled with raw energy, expertly played and highly addictive even to those not involved in this specific scene. Make sure to catch Bridge To Solace while they're touring Europe this summer - dates are to be found on their myspace-page.

Twelve songs, 29.30 minutes. This is the very basic data information on "Disconnecting", Sinking Ship's very debut album on Revelation Records due to be released on July 28th and a must have for those being into the classic school of anthemic Hardcore. Driving uptempo riffs, some shout-a-long hooklines - perfect soundtrack to blast out of yr bombox to accompany skate-sessions, backyard basketball games and a fair amount of canned beer. Insert *my very own personal nostalgia* here as that's how I partly spent - apart from raving to mid-90's Techno stuff - a few summers of my own youth.

June 23rd saw the release of "Ghost Story", which is the new album of the Hardcore-group When Tigers Fight on Dead Serious. The bunch of five - Mike McTernan, Jonathan Dennison, Ken Olden, Scott Andrews & Jarrod Alexander - provides 12 tracks of straightforward, uncomprimising Hardcore, angry without negative attitude, melodic but not weak anyway - a piece of art serving the essence of all the bands in which the members of When Tigers Fight used to play in before or are still part in as there are The Suicide File, The Promise and others. You like them? Hook up with them via myspace...


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