Sunday, June 25, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 37

Whitelabel business - no information given here except from the matrix code dB001, which might be standing for "dirty Boots" or sth. similar, and a stamped shoeprint on the label, but containing two tracks worth to check out on the dancefloor. A-side provides a minimalistic and slightly trancey rework of "You Really Got Me Going?" - an old track by The Kinks afaik - whilst the flipside comes up with a NuSkoolBreaks-flavored bootleg of a tune by Grauzone, which is one of Germany's many early 80's bands of the so-called NDW-movement and best known for their song "Eisbär". If you like Adam Freeland's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"-bootie of back in the days and you're up for some funny trash as well try to grab a copy of this for sure.

Another massive tune out on Worldless Records is Kalle-M's "Icehockey" which holds no. 009 in the labels catalogue. An excellent mixture of decent minimalism, huge hands-up bassline pressure and warm trancey flavours is killing it whereever played out and will be lifted to anthem status within shortest of times. File under: sureshot. On the flip a remix by Marko Laine offers some functional Shuffle beats and Kalle-M's "Molari" proves that NeoTrance is one of these days favorite tastes when it comes to 4-2-the-floor dance music.

Australia-based label Hell's Bassment Records have put their second release recently which is one of the darkest Drum'n'Bass-12"es around these days. A-side sees DJ G-I-S teaming up with Bad Matter for their "End Of Days" serving nonetheless but massive Hardcore Choppage fused with anthemic basslines and athmospheric vocal samples taken off "Lord Of the Rings", which seems to be G-I-S' favourite sample source. Flipsidewise there's .Of God featuring the unforgotten Carl Crack going "Into The Shadows Of Madness" - a dancefloor bashing tune featuring oldskool'ish rave signals alongside the dark fucked up beats of urban angst & decay accompanied by Carl Crack's desperate lyrics. Primetime stuff.

Although The Up Escalator are based in Berlin their music is british, very british as some might say and think. Deep into the sound of BritPop and Nu- / NeoWave their new E.P. - yes, five songs! - named "Life Is Sound" is to be released on Phonector, scheduled for July 7th and a nice piece of music to check out this summer combining positivism, uptempo beats and quite a bit of Pop attitude without crossing over into mainstream format. Sounds good? Check 'em out on as well...


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