Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 13

Berlin Mitte-based Mutant- / Experimental-HipHop imprint Bomb Mitte comes up with another remarkable 7"-release. Produced by a project of the strange name Food For Animals there's three tracks of serious mental illness provided on this beloved vinyl format featuring fucked-up beat wizzardry, stylewise quite close to what Funkstörung once provided on their "Multiple Grammy Winners" and well influenced by NYC's WordSound collective tunes of newer origin accompanied by an excellent MC flowing oldskool style on top highly digital structures. If you're on of these sick beat-addicted figures out there into everything far off the mainstream then this is to be your weekly dosis of limited hard to find-shit to ask your local recordstore for.

Oh mi gosh - we all know that japanese people & music tend to be strange sometimes but this is positively sick. Teriyaki Boys are kind of what might be called Japan's Rap-supergroup and now signed to (B)Ape Music which now are spreading their ill-named single "Beef Or Chicken" on promo circuit. Bi-lingual - English / Japanese - raps on massive dancefloor-moving beats of the weirdo kind, mixed up with just a small percentage of Digisoul-influences and urban melancholia, a touch of bouncing Crossover-appeal like the Beastie Boy's had as well (...and yes, Ad Rock likes them!) and also sounds usually to be found in French Filter House are in use here. Play this and ppl are about to - what? - "Jump Around"! Especially "Kamikaze 108 *Toridoshi Mix" is a baaaad choon and might work well with some of u grimeists out there.

Mobb Deep's "Put 'Em In Their Place" on G Unit / Interscope has been on promo for a while, defo not their biggest tunes so for but a well-moving tool for the jocks out there. Beats and bassline roll out quite slow and monotonously, fueled with urban dangerzone athmosphere and anthemic raps on top. Produce by Havoc and Sha Money XL this is and a teaser for their upcoming album "Blood Money". Hope they vary styles a bit on that, as a dozen of "Put 'Em In Their Places"-clones won't make it an interesting album at all.

And now to something completely strange: Vibekingz feat. Maliq's "She's Like The Wind" on Universal / Urban . No bull talk here, everyone remembers Patrick Swayze's original from "Dirty Dancing" - btw, the original soundtrack LP even sits somewhere on my shelves for childhood nostalgia reasons - which at least is a quality piece of Pop Music and no-one's about to deny that, aight? Might call it a classic as well, so why the hell do people think this track needs a y2k6 DigiSoul-update? It does not. Period. But to be fair beats & prodcution seem to be on an ok standard so I'll keep it in my collection just for the Radio Version Instrumental. Sigh... one out of six versions provided ain't a good result at all.


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