Sunday, July 09, 2006

Longplay love 26.0

Cat.No. 011 of Super Six Goodies is BinauralBeatsProjec't's new album "Inparanormal Sys". Stuck between deep, 'troit-ish Techno, Electro and TechnoJazz in a sense of early Steve Stoll- or Cari Lekebusch-productions all ten tracks to be found here are excellent and the whole thing is a nice journey for advanced dancefloors as well as homelistening affairs. Recommended to all lovers of what has been called Intelligent Techno in the mid 90's this is defo worth checking it out and and maybe on of the best releases of Super Six so far.

Mr B.'s "Tripped" is the recent release of Pharmacom Records, which holds 019 of the labels back catalogue. 16 tracks to be found here, about three quarters of them dealing with Downbeat / ChillOut kinda style whilst the rest is Drum'n'Bass-flavored but still on the listening-orientated side of things, sometimes even providing a more Balearic attitude. Top shot out of all 16 is "Feel It" which provides a nice & warm Downtempo trip into melancholia.

July 21st sees the release of Emmanuel Santorrana's new album "Fab 4 Ever" on Pschent, which pays - as the one might already get from the albums name - tribute to Liverpool's most famous Pop group. To be honest, I've never been into The Beatles and never will be, but what Santorrana provides here is not just a bunch of cheap covers - it's completely new songs. Yes, he uses the same lyrics but builds a nice'n'smooth mixture of live feel and Downbeat meets Pop-attitude around 'em so that one might take 'em for his very own compositions instead of tributes. The use of different vocalists as Sebastien Fauvel, Nadeah Muranda, Marie Payen and others adds even more variety and extra spice to the whole project so the result is at least an interesting and diverse Pop-flavored album. So don't be discouraged by that "tribute to The Beatles"-thingy as at some point you even might not recognize that Fab 4-stuff is involved here.


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