Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Grime r_port vol. 12

Skull Disco have put out their fifth release under the name of “Soundbwoy’s Bones Get Buried In The Dirt Volume 2” these days and once again are about to set advanced floors on fire with their tunes. While Applebim’s “Fear” comes up as a dark, sci-fi, half tempo Dubstep-track with ultra-dry drums accompanied by a processed Rave signals that might be taken off some like early- to mid-nineties Gabba-tune, Shackleton’s “Hamas Rule” explores the fields of RitualGrime and MythStep with the usual set of Voodoo-percussions, oriental samples and classic Dub basslines.

Digital Mystikz‘ double-A-sided 12” “Walkin‘ With Jah / Earth A Run Red” on Soul Jazz Records has been on the circuit for a while now and still contains one of the best Dubstep tunes around available on vinyl these days. While “Walkin‘ With Jah” is more tool’ish and comes up with a kinda Benga’esque feel it is “Earth A Run Red” on the flip that’s to be named nothing but anthemic with its massive metallic hookline plus melancholy driven vox. About to reach a status similar to Skream’s classic “Midnight Request Line” soon – bad as fuck!

Grime Not Grime is my favorite term for contemporary sounds clearly influenced by the UK scenes named Grime, Eski, Sublow, whatever but dealing these influences in a very special and own way, transforming and melting them into something new and individual without being on the copycat tip. This is what Hamburg’s latest offspring named The Boy Group‘s debut album “Love Is A Freaquency” on Enduro Plus is about, serving a tongue in cheek mixture of above mentioned styles, 80‘s lo-fi trash & early HipHop, Electronica and invites the likes of Supercollider for a night out. Not recommended for purists but if you’re an open minded egghead this is a double-LP worth checking out.


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