Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Longplay love 30.0

After five albums on Thrill Jockey Düsseldorf's infamous Mouse On Mars are serving their new album "Varcharz" on a new label, none less than Mike Patton's Ipecac-imprint. To be released on September 19th, the band/project comes up with nine new tracks - strangely enough divided by 21 trackmarks - that are defo their best works since the 1997 album "Autoditacker" although the harsh, ultra-digital, distorted AlienPhonk of "Varcharz" is totally different to the dallying, dinky Electronica sounds of Mouse On Mars' early days. Embracing a range of influences from FreeJazz to Breakcore via Electronic Freestyle - an attitude to be found as well in the music of NYC's Broklyn Beats-collective - Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner are about to provide the perfect soundtrack for this year's urban paranoia, so you gotta keep this safe for the last spastic dance of a mouldering society.

"Mezzotint" is the title of Birmingham's Chris Herbert's first ever album which is to be released via Kranky on September 15th. Recommended to those being into Ambient, Drones and Deep Listening Music the whole of seven tracks - plus five untitled interludes - to be found on the album prove Chris Herbert's , who describes himself as dedicated non-musician, interest in what the promo sheet refers to as elastic nature of sound, a soundscapish ambience accompanied by a few digital textures which'll well match with some of Oval's early works and driven by a consistent state of deep melancholia, that might be influenced by the period in which the whole album was produced according to the album sleeve: "captured live at home and at work through winter's end 2006".

Made Out Of Babies' new and second album "Coward" will be released via Neurot Recordings on September 22nd and is for sure a massive contrast to the labels' latest, more Ambient-/Drone-flavored releases. What we got here is serious expressive Rock music with a touch of Psychedelia and intensive Urban Angst accompanied by screamy exalted vocals that creates massive tension straight on the edge of madness - imagine Iceland's finest Björk and Skunk Anansie's Skin teaming up with a band like Ostinato having it on a shitload of acid, experiencing a shattering nervous breakdown and you get quite close to what this excellent album delivers. Might be named nightmarish by mainstream-aficionados, but is 100% recommended to lovers of cutting edge sounds. Check!

September 1st sees the release of Volt's first ever full-length album on Exile On Mainstream, the follow up to their E.P. "Romeo K.O." which is said to have sold out within only three weeks after release in 2005. The Chemnitz-based band changed their name to Volt not that long ago after seven years on the road under their former Roerhedds-moniker to which the albums name "Rörhät" clearly refers and pays tribute. Musicwise Volt, who've been touring constantly since 1999 and will do a 2 month tour through Europe due to the albums release, serve 9 tracks of grounded, heavy NoiseRock for connaisseurs, phat & fueled with an incredible energy that even increases when the band is on stage. Check out their album and watch out for tour dates!


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