Sunday, July 23, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 38

Sascha Müller vs. Nightnoise's "North West Alliance E.P. Vol. 2" is 015 of Super Six, a nice three-tracker for the fans of the more tool'ish & monotonous side of Techno music. Not exactly stuff to listen to in yr armchair at home but fodder for DJ's playing primetime sets. 020 of Pharmacom Records is an Evade 3" CD entitled "live Recording 13/04/2006" including a approx. 22 minutes set performed that date at Cologne Campus Radio, a nice trip into the spheres of deep listening, Ambient-flavored sounds, chilled Electronics and kinda oldskool'ish Intelligent Techno-stuff. As this style is likely to be en vogue again - think of classic represses around these days of artists like B12 or Global Communication - "live Recording 13/04/2006" is about to gain popularity in this specific scene, although due to it's limitation to at least 100 copies worldwide it'll be hard for interested people to get hold of a copy. Check that.

Neo Cortex, the collaboration project of DJ Gollum & DJ Yanny, are about to release the new single "I Want You" via Figure Eight Music / PIAS on august 11th. Expect a full-on commercial Vocaltrance / Hardstyle tune which might gain some mainstream success as well. File under: Retro as this is so 1996 and it seems like nothing's about to change in this specific scene. Do we still need that?

Armand Van Helden's "MyMyMy" is to be re-released via Southern Fried Recordings / PIAS featuring additional vocals by Tara McDonald and new remixes by Stonebridge and Funktuary. As nearly everything touched by Mr. Van Helden this one is about to rock every House-flavored dancefloor from deepest underground venues to big commercial clubs with it's catchy hook and sing-a-long vocals. Nice.


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