Thursday, August 25, 2011

Darkness Falls - The Void [HFN Music 007 Promo]

Put on the circuit via HFN Music recently is "The Void", the new prequel single announcing the forthcoming album "Alive In Us" by the great danish Indie-/Shoegaze-band Darkness Falls that's to come in october. But instead of pleasing their Indie-/Shoegaze-followers with this 12" Darkness Falls are heading straight to the club with four remixes by Trentemøller, Clueless, Terje Bakke and Lightbluemover vs Black Light Smoker which already put out a nice 12" on HFN Music's sister imprint Hafendisko earlier this year. No matter which remix one picks, all of them are properly crafted, unique and following a new musical route that could be filed under the flag of KrautHouse in future times as all of them have a slightly raw and psychedelic feel, no matter if epic and string-driven (Trentemøller), more Indie-flavored (Clueless), dark and dirty (Lightbluemover vs Black Light Smoker) or even fueled with ritual drums and loads of echoes (Terje Bakke). Secret weapon for experienced DJs, one for the special moments of the night that will be referred to as legendary by those who were there.


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