Friday, January 20, 2012

Martin Landsky - The Composer [Poker Flat Recordings 125 Promo]

Just released today via Poker Flat Recordings as their 125 is Martin Landsky's highly addictive tune "The Composer" which is built around a darkish vocal sample saying "The Composer Is Dead", a sweet, techy and ever modulating hook and a seductive bassline which - especially talking the epic mid-tune break here - is surely able to set any dancefloor on fire within seconds if it's filled with true House music headz. Finnish producer Sasse is on remix duties when it comes to the flipside, transferring the tune into a more minimalistic area, keeping the House vibe alive but adding a cold, futuristic feel, a gnarly, acidic bassline and some desparate 'troity synth arrangements to his rework, making the break sound quite tense and frightening. Is this technoid HorrorHouse? No matter what, we do like.


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