Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kabutogani - Cymma [Electroton 013 Promo]

Forthcoming on march 16th and only for the digital circuit via Electroton is Kabutogani's five track piece "Cymma" which contains remixes of his 2010 album "Bektop", crafted by the likes of the Hamburg-based incite/, Weiss and others who are basicly sticking to Kabutogani's ultra-digital Clicks'n'Cuts vision but still add or re-construct something interesting and different to the original tunes, like Absent who is coming up with a vision of (Neo)Classical HyperPhonk that might even turns heads of some Mutant HipHop MCs willing to take a risk - this one's for the advanced dancefloor whilst other reworks contribute dusty, Industrial-impregnated bass works and hypnotic sci-fi structures creating tension, general unrest and urban angst on top of flickering beats. Not for the paranoid amongst us.


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