Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TJ Kong & Modular K - End-game [Poker Flat Recordings 127 Promo]

Forthcoming from the Poker Flat Recordings camp and announcing their debut album "Dream Cargoes" TJ Kong & Modular K come up with the first single outtake named "End-game" as the labels 127 and what they're coming up with is not less than classy. Whilst the main version of "End-game" is a moody but thrilling and very Blade Runner'esque Tech-affair with ecstatic elements that, in a similar way, were already setting crowds on fire in the era of Munich Disco and later in classics like "French Kiss". But don't get this wrong 'coze "End-game" is not about retro as long you're not talking retro futurism, this tune is fresh as fuck and one that'll be in your box forever, to be played alongside timeless tunes like the ever good "Timbuktu" 10" or Laurent Garnier's "Back To My Roots EP". On the flip we'll have the so-called "Reference Mix" which is even darker and on very hypnotizing tip, built around one ever repeating tone that is accompanied by dubbed out Detroit structures and straight claps with a bass drum that seems to get even heavier after a deep, mid-tune break. This is what I'd call proper ClubTechno and defo a piece for the second part of the night when the dancefloor people are in a state of trance that keeps them pumping and pumping and pumping away until the night is finally gone. Nice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reference remix is by Luke Hess & Brian Kage from Detroit

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