Sunday, July 29, 2012

Children - No Future EP [AdP Records Promo]

Recently released via AdP Records is the debut EP of the german three piece band outfit Children who are exploring the field of easy, but contemporary Pop music within four songs here. Driven by the vocal powers of their female members Laura and Steffi "No Future" embraces a broad spectrum of musical influences - Advanced Pop for sure, Indie guitars, the wavey and party dark'ish feel that can also be found when bands like Darkness Falls are on stage, decent but still sing-a-long Minimal House meets song structure crossovers like the uber-cool "Riot" with its well-recognizable hook and more are to be found here. Plus: they've a sense for dramatism in their music and use the flute which is a quite uncommon instrument in this kind of music. Nice one and well exciting for a debut, if they stay on this path I guess their future will be a bright one.


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